Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds Indiana Sen. Mike Braun for the release of his 2023 federal budget, which would restore financial stability to the federal government and end the cycle of reckless deficit spending.

“Senator Braun’s budget is a great product that every member of Congress should support. This budget proves, through hard work, it is possible for Washington to cut spending growth, increase transparency, and secure our country,” said Greg Sindelar, CEO for TPPF. “Senator Braun’s budget brings us closer to a Responsible American Budget and putting our country back on a sound fiscal track for generations to come.”

This tremendous undertaking would be a step forward for our country. Senator Braun’s budget balances in 10 years by slowing spending growth, not raising taxes, increases transparency, provides a robust defense budget, and secures the southern border,” said John Hostettler, vice president of federal affairs for TPPF’s States Trust initiative. “States Trust applauds the work of Senator Braun and recognizes it as a path forward to fiscal sanity in Washington.”