AUSTIN– Today, the full Texas Senate passed House Bill 347 which promises to end the practice of forced annexation in Texas. The bill now heads back to the Texas House where representatives can decide whether to concur with Senate amendments.

“Last session, the Texas Legislature took a major step toward ending forced annexation by granting some Texans the right to vote before being annexed. This session, it looks like lawmakers will finish the job,” said Think Local Liberty’s James Quintero. “Every Texan should have the right to choose who governs over them, no matter where they live in the Lone Star State. And soon, they will.”

“Today’s passage of HB 347 moves Texans one step closer to a fairer, more democratic annexation process. A new system that guarantees every property owner’s voice is heard and no one’s rights are trampled. These are reforms that every Texan should be proud of,” said Think Local Liberty’s Shelby Sterling.