Austin—Today, the Senate Committee on Property Tax voted Senate Bill 2, the Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2019, out of committee to send before the Texas Senate.

“Skyrocketing property taxes are hurting families, forcing businesses to close, and causing slower economic growth,” said Ellen Troxclair, former Austin City Councilmember and senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Think Local Liberty Project. “Now, more than ever, Texans need real reform to stop runaway tax bills and propel us in a new direction.

James Quintero, director of the Center for Local Governance at the Texas Public Policy Foundation offered the following statement:

“Homeowners and businesses are struggling with some of the highest property taxes in the nation. This is not just a problem, it’s a full-blown crisis. And it can no longer be ignored. Today’s near-unanimous approval of Senate Bill 2 by the Senate Committee on Property Tax is a good sign that lawmakers are finally ready to act in a big way.

“Senate Bill 2 will empower voters statewide. As amended, the bill proposes to not only give urban and suburban voters more say in the tax rate-setting process, but it would also let rural Texans opt-in so that they too can benefit from these important taxpayer protections. Everyone stands to gain.”