Today, the Texas Legislature preliminarily passed House Bill 2127 in a victory for liberty for Texas citizens adversely affected by excessive, conflicting, and often unjust local regulations. This new law will allow the average Texan to reclaim their sovereign rights of autonomy in the face of government overreach.

“Texans today are better off with the Texas House having preliminarily passed HB 2127. The bill recommits local policymaking to a limited government framework and ensures that only where necessary, the state—not local governments—regulates commercial activity in Texas. The people can now push back in court against municipalities that have been acting without foresight and have been negligent of people’s rights,” said Rod Bordelon, TPPF distinguished senior fellow for regulatory affairs. “This new law helps to keep local municipalities in check, and we congratulate policymakers for acting in the best interests of Texans. They have shown their willingness and readiness to fight for us and allow us to live in peace and prosperity. We are positive that they will keep on the track of liberty and make Texans proud of their elective representatives.”

To read the full bill, please click here.