AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds the Office of the Texas Attorney General’s opinion on disaster reappraisals. The Foundation had earlier submitted a response to a request for opinion seeking clarification concerning the disaster reappraisal process.
“Texas’ disaster reappraisal laws are meant to aid disaster recovery efforts in a way that promotes good fiscal stewardship,” said Robert Henneke, TPPF’s general counsel and director of the Center for the American Future. “We applaud the Texas Attorney General for issuing an opinion that follows the intent of the law and that protects taxpayers still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.”
“This opinion makes clear that taxing units that authorize a disaster reappraisal are not responsible for paying the normal costs associated with ongoing, periodic reappraisal,” said Bryan Mathew, a policy analyst with the Center for Local Government. “Instead, taxing units are responsible for the additional, extraordinary reappraisal expenses that are separate from an appraisal district’s normal course of business.”

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