The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds action by the Texas Senate today in passing Senate Bill 1, authored by state Sen. Bryan Hughes, by an 18-4 vote margin. As Sen. Hughes aptly stated in his closing remarks relating to voter fraud and disenfranchisement, “We must not let that happen.”

TPPF commends legislation that improves vote-by-mail by adding the protections present for in-person voting, implements consistent and transparent voting procedures, and restores voter confidence in election results. Far from restricting voting rights, SB 1 will improve access, protect voters’ rights, and deter fraud.

The bill now moves to the House where due to a quorum breaking walkout, its future is less than clear. But what is clear is the fact that that Texans by a 2-1 margin oppose walkout tactics blocking legislative action.

“This bill plugs obvious holes in our election code and will make it harder for bad actors to take advantage of loopholes currently in the system,” said TPPF Senior Fellow Chad Ennis. “It is a direct response to demonstrable fraud that has occurred in Texas.”

Adds TPPF Vice President of National Initiatives Chuck DeVore, “SB 1 is a crucial piece of legislation to ensure that when Texans cast a ballot by mail, they benefit from the same voter ID protections that an in-person voter has.”