AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds the Texas Senate passage of HB 569strong legislation that will assist in helping former prisoners establish themselves in the community after release. Also known as the “Bonton Farms Bill” after the inspirational urban farm and market established by Daron Babcock in south Dallas, this legislation helps reduce incourt costs and fines so that individuals reentering society have better opportunities for self-sufficiency. The bill passed the Texas House on April 14. 

“HB 569 is proof that when a reentry model works, the legislature is eager to support it,” said Dr. Derek Cohen, TPPF’s Vice President of Policy and Senior Fellow at Right on Crime. “What Mr. Babcock is doing in Dallas is nothing short of miraculous in helping people get back on their own two feet, and legislation such as this will only add to the initiative’s success. 

HB 569 was filed by conservative Representative Scott Sanford and was included in Speaker Dade Phelan’s Smarter Justice, Safer Texas” bill package. Having passed the Senate, the bill now returns to the House for a concurrence vote on the naming amendment.