Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation applauded the passage of an election reform bill that would expand poll access, create stronger voter protections, and improve rules to ensure legitimate election results.  The bill, S.B. 1, officially passed the House and will be sent to the Senate where swift approval is expected. The bill addresses a number of issues in Texas’ election system that leave it open to voter fraud, intimidation, manipulation, errors, and other irregularities.   

“The Texas Legislature has done a great service for the people of Texas in ensuring the legitimacy of our election results,” said TPPF’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts. “These reforms will protect voters by improving voter ID requirements, closing opportunities for ballot harvesting and mail-in ballot fraud, expanding voting hours, strengthening the rights of poll watchers, and preventing rogue election officials from changing the rules at the last minute. The Texas legislature has aggressively moved to protect our most fundamental democratic right by making important fixes that improve how we collect and count votes. TPPF applauds Speaker Dade Phelan, Rep. Briscoe Cain, and Rep. Andrew Murr for their tireless effort to get this legislation through the House.”