Today, Senate Bill 3, which will provide an additional appropriation of $1.5 billion for border barrier infrastructure and $40 million for additional public safety related to border security operations in Colony Ridge, fully passed the Texas Legislature.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation commends Senator Huffman, Representative Jetton, and the Texas Legislature for working tirelessly to provide the state with the means to secure our border in the absence of the federal government.

”We are thankful to the state of Texas and its leadership for holding the line on border security and for continuing to protect Texas communities,” said TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar.

“A legitimate role of government is to protect its citizens, and that is what Senate Bill 3 will do,” says Selene Rodriguez, Policy Director for Secure & Sovereign Frontier. “Weak federal policies continue to incentivize migrants, led by Mexican cartels, to make a dangerous journey to Texas. This additional funding will continue to build on Texas’ border security toolbox, thwarting cartel organizations and protecting Texas citizens and property.”

With its efforts to fill in the gaps created by the federal government, Texas is the only state to have built its own border wall.