The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced it has begun a statewide radio ad campaign informing Texans that tens of millions of their tax dollars will fund lobbyists this year. According to a statewide survey this month, 86% of Texans oppose tax dollars funding lobbyists, yet local governments continue to pay for contract lobbyists to push for policies that hurt taxpayers. “Why are we letting lobbyists use our tax dollars against us,” the ad asks.   

The significant six-figure ad buy will run statewide for four weeks and be accompanied by activist outreach and coordination, a digital ad campaign, podcastsevents, and numerous media appearances with TPPF experts. 

“The practice of funding lobbyists with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in the middle of an economic recovery is completely and utterly indefensible,” said James Quintero, TPPF’s Government for the People campaign Policy Director. “Unfortunately, few know how prevalent and pernicious it is, leading to policy that directly hurts taxpayers. That’s about to change.”   

Listen to the ad here 

Tax Dollars Should Not Fund Lobbyists  


VO: Your tax money is being used against you.  

This year, local governments will spend tens of millions of your tax dollars to hire lobbyists whose only job is to push for higher taxes and less government accountability. 

When these contract lobbyists flood the state Capitol, they drown out the voices of everyday Texans.   

Why are we letting lobbyists use our tax dollars against us?  

It’s time to stop.  

Let your state representatives know your tax dollars should not fund lobbyists. 

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