Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation initiative Life:Powered, in connection with 8 coalition organizations, sent a letter to Republican congressional leadership detailing the top three actions it needs to take to return America to energy dominance and reject Green New Deal-style federal spending. These actions, including expanding domestic energy production and ending federal subsidies in the energy market, will help reverse the skyrocketing energy prices caused by Biden Administration policy failures.

“Currently, a record 20 million Americans are behind on their utilities and one in six families will receive a disconnect notice from a provider this year. We now beg foreign dictators for oil while domestic production has still not returned to its 2019 level (EIA, 2022), despite oil prices being much higher,” the letter reads in part. “In two short years, we have gone from American energy dominance to American energy despair.”  

The coalition asks Congress to return America to energy dominance and help export clean American energy around the world. All eight organizations have signed to assist Congress in this undertaking. 

To read the full letter, please click here.