Senate Bill 4 creates new state offenses for entering or re-entering the state illegally from a foreign country and for refusing to comply with an order to return to the foreign country an illegal alien comes from. Further, it allows judges to order an illegal alien to return to the country from which they entered illegally, in lieu of prosecution, or mandates that an order be included in the judgment that the illegal alien return to the foreign country they illegally entered from after completing the term of their imprisonment.

“The bill achieves three major ends: it defends Texas communities, it asserts Texas’ legitimate Constitutional powers, and it signals that the old era—in which the federal government acts more vigorously against states defending their citizenry than it does against the state-cartel threat from the southern border—is over,” said TPPF’s Chief of Intelligence Joshua Trevino. The bottom line is SB 4 is Constitutional and necessary for the defense of Texas against the state-cartel nexus that increasingly controls Mexico. While there is still much work to be done, we are grateful to Senator Perry and Representative Spiller for their leadership on this legislation, and to Governor Abbott for his continued effort to lead the way in securing the Texas-Mexico border.”