AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation celebrated today the launch of The Laffer Center for Supply-Side Economics, dedicated to preserving and promoting the core tenets of supply-side economics.

The Laffer Center bears the name of Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, one of President Ronald Reagan’s chief economic advisors and a trusted advisor to federal officials, governors, and international political leaders for more than 40 years.

“We are honored that Dr. Laffer, the father of supply-side economics and one of the greatest economic minds of our lifetime, has selected the Texas Public Policy Foundation to be a part of preserving his legacy,” said Foundation president Brooke Rollins. “Dr. Laffer’s research has changed the world for the better, and the Laffer Center will house this work and that of other supply-side scholars – past, present, and future.”

The Laffer Center will seek to house the nation’s largest collection of supply-side research, beginning with making an archive of Dr. Laffer’s already published research and editorials available online. The Center will continue to produce original research weighing in on the issues of the day at both the state and federal level, as well as important global economic issues. The Center will also cultivate relationships and educate thought leaders about supply-side research and policy recommendations that promote economic freedom as a path toward greater prosperity.

“Dr. Laffer is not only a terrific economist but he also has that rare ability to explain economic concepts in terms that ordinary people can understand. This Center will amplify that voice,” said Foundation chairman of the board Dr. Wendy Lee Gramm. “The combination of his research with our outreach capabilities is a partnership that holds tremendous promise.”

The Foundation’s relationship with Dr. Laffer began in 2008, with a 10-part series on the lessons of economics titled “Thinking Economically.” In the years since, Dr. Laffer has been featured as a keynote speaker at Foundation events and author of several Foundation studies drawing national attention, including two “Competitive States” reports that compare the Texas and California economies.

“Having worked with the Texas Public Policy Foundation on several projects in recent years, I know first-hand its commitment to academically sound research and analysis, and aggressive outreach and education,” said Dr. Arthur B. Laffer. “It’s the perfect place to house a project for leading our country back to prosperity. Other states can learn from Texas – and from TPPF – how to enact pro-growth policies that will improve lives in America and around the world.”

The Center is located at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. The Center’s executive director, Mary Katherine Stout, most recently served as director of budget, planning and policy for Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin.

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