As the Texas Legislature continues to debate election integrity, a new TPPF and Rasmussen poll shows more than 80% of Texans support requiring voters to show a valid ID before voting, with just 11% opposing the requirement. In addition, 67% of Texans support voter ID protections for mail-in ballots, while 22% oppose them.  

Support for voter ID cuts across all demographics and party affiliations. Three out of four African Americans and 81% of Hispanics favor voter ID requirements, as do 93% of Republicans, 72% of Democrats, and 66% of Independents.  

For two weeks, dozens of Texas state House lawmakers fled Austin for Washington, D.C. to prevent progress on election integrity legislation that would enact voter ID protections for mail-in ballots. They left specifically for D.C. to advocate in favor of the “For the People Act,” federal legislation that would make voter ID illegal in all fifty states.

According to the survey, a majority of Texans (51%) oppose the “For the People Act” when they are alerted that it prohibits voter ID, while 40% are still in favor of the law. The same majority (51%) disapprove of fundraising while blocking the state Legislature’s ability to vote and just 38% say they are OK with it. 

“Voter ID is a common-sense protection that ensures only legal voters can cast ballots and only legitimate ballots are counted,” said Brian Phillips, TPPF’s Chief Communications Officer. “Texans also want the protection extended to mail-in ballots, which are inherently less safe than in-person voting. Opposition to these reforms isn’t sitting well with Texans who are growing increasingly frustrated by the political stunt that is preventing the Legislature from making elections more secure.” 

The survey was conducted for the Texas Public Policy Foundation by RMG Research, an independent public research firm operated by Scott Rasmussen. It was fielded July 20-23 and surveyed 1000 registered voters in Texas. It has a margin of error of +/-3.1%. 

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