AUSTIN, Texas – Texas’ children, parents and teachers deserve real reform, said the president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation at a Capitol press conference on Tuesday.

“Texans deserve stronger academic and financial accountability, more money directed into the classroom, and cash rewards for the best teachers in our schools,” said Rollins. “Texans expect policy results, not political excuses. There needs to be a concerted effort to reform public education before the state pours more dollars into the system.”

Rollins said education research clearly demonstrates that how schools spend money is more important than how much money is spent. For the state’s public schools to achieve higher levels of performance, comprehensive reforms must be implemented together, she said. Those reforms include the requirement that more public education money be directed into the classroom, and easier access by the public to the schools’ financial information.

“The TEA’s announcement of an increased number of academically unacceptable campuses demonstrates how important it is to direct more resources into the classroom,” added Rollins.

“But we also need more people involved in the schools, which is why moving elections to November is a good idea. It communicates that our school board seats are as important as statewide and legislative races, raising awareness about public education.”

She said that only through comprehensive policy reforms can taxpayers be assured that money is being well-spent, while ensuring teachers have the tools they need in the classroom.