Today, States Trust applauds the Republican effort to lower energy costs for working families. The common sense legislation, introduced last week by Majority Leader Steve Scalise, tackles the needs of everyday Americans by bringing down high energy costs, strengthening America’s energy infrastructure, and protecting our environment.
The Lower Energy Cost Act will repeal counterproductive taxes on energy production, increase America’s energy exports, and reform burdensome permitting policies that drive up the cost of energy for hardworking Americans.
This legislation also stops the robbing of American taxpayers by returning nearly $30 billion in earmarks for “green bling” projects that primarily benefit radical environmental groups, unreliable energy producers, and their wealthy donors and investors.
”The current administration’s war on affordable energy must come to an end. Families must be able to heat and cool their home and fill up their tank without breaking the bank, and the nations of the world must rely on America for their energy supply, not the other way around,” said John Hostettler, vice president of federal affairs for States Trust. “H.R 1 puts America back on the path to energy dominance.”