“This ruling doubles down on that status quo: school spending in Texas has grown rapidly over the last decade, with few academic gains to show for it — and we aren’t a step closer to the change that our students, parents, and taxpayers need. With our statewide cost-of-living-adjusted per-pupil spending at about the national average through at least the latest National Education Association figures, there is already enough money in the system. 

“It is time for real reform. And that’s the good news here: there’s an opportunity for the 83rd Texas Legislature to deliver exactly that. 

“The best options for fiscal efficiency and — most important — student success are rooted in the empowerment of parents, taxpayers, and communities. If this Legislature gives Texas parents and students a flexible education system, in which competition drives excellence within our schools, we can meet that standard. 

“It falls now to our elected representatives to make it so — and the Texas Public Policy Foundation will be there to help blaze that trail.”