“Chairman Powell’s draft goals represent the type of visionary leadership Texas universities have needed for a long time. Our universities have a dual mandate to close the gaps in educating Texas students and to produce world-class research. These draft goals outlined by Chairman Powell position the University of Texas System to becoming the 21st century model for how to achieve both of those critical objectives.

“Tuition costs and student debt loads are soaring at unsustainable rates. The cost bubble in higher education is about to burst and universities that do not reinvent themselves – and quickly – will be made irrelevant. Chairman Powell and his fellow regents deserve the gratitude of students and parents for making college affordability one of their top priorities.

“Of course, there is quite a bit of work to do before these goals can be implemented. But everyone who cares about the future of the University of Texas institutions should work constructively with the regents to help these goals become reality. Texas is the envy of the nation in so many ways, and it’s time our top university system became part of that list.”