“Rep. Ken Legler was a stalwart champion of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s energy and environment issues. I have known him for 20 years. He was a self-made man who created a now highly successful metal fabricating business, operating in the United States and several other countries.

“Ever the joking clown, Ken could be easily mistaken for an uninformed Bubba. You may recall he wore a Colonel Sanders costume on the House floor on the last day of the most recent legislative session. The likeness was uncanny. Ken’s demeanor belied a keenly intelligent, sly, courageous brain. Indeed, he was highly informed about environmental regulation and the EPA’s devious methods of operation.

“Rep. Legler was a great fighter for truth and reason in the EPA arena. Before his election to the Texas House, Ken was appointed as CAA Small Business Advisor (a position required by law) to the EPA Administrator and later chairman of the Texas version of Small Business Advisor to TCEQ. After the success of his businesses allowed him the time, he devoted himself to public service. Having succeeded in free enterprise, in spite of the regulatory shackles of the EPA, he was devoted to protecting small businesses from government overregulation.

“My colleagues and I are grateful for Rep. Ken Legler’s many contributions to economic freedom. We join many others in sending our condolences and prayers to his family, staff, and associates.”

Kathleen Hartnett White is Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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