“This agreement to address transportation needs in Texas represents a significant step towards reducing traffic congestion and improving the flow of people and goods. Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Speaker Craddick are to be commended for their unity and resolve to address this challenge.

“It is critical that the diversion of dedicated fuel tax dollars come to a stop. We are pleased to see agreement to fund DPS from general revenue instead of gas taxes the public expects to be spent on road construction.

“The creation of a 10-year needs assessment is vital to solving this problem and should give us a true picture of our state’s transportation problems. However, we urge the department to establish objective criteria and be diligent in separating needs from wants so that money is not squandered on pet projects that do little to address mobility. As with all taxpayer funds, these large amounts of money must be carefully prioritized to get maximum benefit for the taxpayers.”

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