AUSTIN – Today the Texas Public Policy Foundation expressed its strong support for the United States Senate's minority conference's decision to unite behind a balanced-budget amendment with strict limits on taxes and spending.

“This is an important sign that momentum is building across the nation for the kind of truly transformational change that can restore limited government and revive the Constitution’s protection of liberty,” said TPPF President Brooke Rollins. “This is exactly the kind of change that the Texas Public Policy Foundation has worked so hard for day after day.”

“Congress has proven that it cannot be counted on to exercise self-restraint in day-to-day politics,” said Mario Loyola, director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Studies. “There have to be constitutional limits. Many of the limits that the Constitution used to impose on federal power have either been undone by constitutional amendments, or ruled out of existence by the Supreme Court. But a government without limits cannot survive as a constitutional democracy. That’s why Americans are starting to insist on a strong constitutional amendment within strict limits on taxes and spending. Finally, Congress is heeding the call.”

Loyola set forth the case for a balanced budget amendment with strict limits on spending in a May 2011 TPPF Policy Perspective, A Constitutional Solution to Runaway Federal Spending. In it, he explained in detail how such a balanced budget would work and why we need it.

“We are pleased that so many senators have heeded the call of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Americans across the country who are as dedicated as ever to restoring constitutional government in our country,” said Arlene Wohlgemuth, executive director of TPPF.