The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced the expansion of its Right on Healthcare Initiative to the Sagamore Institute in Indiana. The partnership will amplify efforts to lower health care costs, increase access, and ensure every American is in charge of their own individual or family medical decisions.

“The Sagamore Institute was formed to tackle difficult issues with civility and focus on solutions,” said Right on Healthcare’s Director David Balat. This has been the hallmark for the Right on Healthcare team and we are honored to stand alongside this organization to find solutions and common sense to the discussion pertaining to healthcare.” 

“We are excited to be linking arms with TPPF’s Right on Healthcare as we continue the pursuit of finding solutions to making healthcare more affordable through the building of strategic partnerships,” said the Sagamore Institute’s Senior Fellow Mark Jay. “The sharing of ideas with David Balat and his team will further accelerate the hopes of making the healthcare system more transparent.” 

To develop an effective system that prioritizes the needs of patients, Right on Healthcare is committed to the following principles: 

  • Individuals and families should control their own health care decisions. 
  • Patients should know what medical services cost before they are performed. 
  • Health insurance should return to helping Americans manage long-term and emergency health risks, not act as pre-pay plans for medical care. 
  • Americans should have access to a wide variety of options to cover medical expenses that meet their personal and financial needs.