From Tony Reinke, in his book, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books.

“But stories do more than entertain and inspire us. Stories make claims about the world in which we live. Stories can also inform the mind and edify the soul. If we have the right story, we can learn a lot about our world, our problems, and even ourselves. Writes Neil Postman, ‘Human beings require stories to give meaning to the facts of their existence.’ He is not talking  about the value of bedtime stories. He is talking  about the human need for a single Story, a Story so big that it can makes sense of the story that is our life. Scripture provides us with this Story.”

Whether or not one agrees with Reinke about the source of the ultimate Story, I think all of us can agree on the need for an overarching connection to the various works that we do in the policy world. I’d suggest that that connection or theme, the Story we are seeking to tell, is—as my good friend Mel Gibson so elegantly put it—Freedom!