By a two to one margin, Texans oppose state legislators using procedural maneuvers to prevent voting. More than half of Texans (54%) said they do not support members staging walkouts that would deny the Legislature the quorum it needs in order to hold votes. Just 27% of Texans say they support the moves.

“Walkouts are only supported by the extreme left,” said Chief Communications Officer Brian Phillips. “Most Texans see it as a childish and desperate move, and they don’t like temper tantrums. We can have respectful disagreements and energetic debates. But the process must move forward. There will be a side that gets the votes and side that doesn’t. If one side can abuse the rules to prevent votes, then we cease to have a functioning democracy. The left is embarrassing themselves and Texas.”

The walkouts are opposed most vigorously by self-identified Republicans (68% to 16%) and conservatives (67% to 17%), but also by Independents (53% to 24%) and moderates (44% to 35%). More than a third of Democrats oppose the walkout (35%) and exactly half support it. Forty-three percent of Hispanics oppose abusing the rules, while 34% support it. African-Americans are split, with 45% in support to 42% opposed.

In May, Texas Democrats staged a walkout just before the end of the legislative session that prevented critical reforms, such as making elections more secure and improving Texas’s bail system, from getting a vote. Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session to address those and other important issues. Texas Democrats are once again threatening to walk out to prevent votes.

The poll was conducted June 27-30 by WPA Intelligence. It surveyed 803 registered voters in Texas and has a +/-3.5% margin of error.

*totals may not add up due to rounding