AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Public Policy Foundation will this week launch a new service for the state, Texas PolicyCast. This weekly audio program will focus on policy issues facing the state.

“It’s our hope that this convenient tool will give busy Texans an opportunity to learn more about the important issues facing the Lone Star State,” said the Foundation’s vice president, Michael Quinn Sullivan, who will host the program.

Each edition will be available at no charge online at, for both online listening and downloading in MP3 format. Each edition, available on Thursday mornings, will run between 5 and 10 minutes in length.

Texas PolicyCast is also available as a free, streamed “podcast.” Podcasts use popular programs, such as iTunes or iPodder, to allow subscribers to automatically receive new episodes of the programs they select. One does not need an iPod or other portable audio player to use these services or listen to Texas PolicyCast.

The first PolicyCast, available now, is an interview with Jamie Story, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s education policy analyst. In this interview, she answers questions the misperceptions regarding state education spending.

“Whether listening to program while checking e-mail and starting the day, or downloading it to an MP3 player for the drive home, Texas PolicyCast is designed to give listeners the information they need to work toward a better future.”