AUSTIN — The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Life:Powered project, in partnership with the CO2 Coalition, submitted public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding proposed revisions to federal methane regulations.

“Our comments support the president’s initiative to reform costly and unnecessary regulations on the energy producers that power our nation,” said Mike Nasi, director of Life:Powered. “We urge the EPA to follow through on its obligations under the Clean Air Act and determine that methane from the U.S. oil and gas industry does not contribute significantly to the endangerment of public health and welfare.”

The comments include a paper from Dr. Will Happer of Princeton University and Dr. William van Wijingaarden of York University, which explains in detail the strong evidence that methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases are not contributing to a climate crisis.

“Both as a simple function of math and based on the compelling analysis of Dr. Happer, it is clear that U.S. methane emissions are an insignificant contributor to global greenhouse gas concentrations, and their effect on future temperatures will be immeasurably small,” continued Nasi. “America has been leading the world in reducing pollutants that actually cause human harm. This proposal continues a trend of measured reforms that return the EPA to its proper role as environmental regulator, not energy policymaker, so that American innovation can continue to stimulate economic growth, human flourishing, and environmental protection simultaneously.”

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