Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation announced today that Julie Warren has been named as the Vice President of State Affairs for its expanded States Trust campaign. Warren has been with the Texas Public Policy Foundation since 2017, having previously served as the Deputy Director for TPPF’s national Right on Crime campaign which oversees work in fourteen states, including Texas. In this new role with TPPF, Warren will amplify the breadth of subject matter expertise and policy success that TPPF has achieved in Texas, by exporting TPPF thought leadership to assist conservative leaders in other states.

“Fundamental to the conservative worldview is the focus on states as the driver of public policy,” said Greg Sindelar, TPPF CEO. “As the source of conservative thought leadership in a state defined by size, success, sovereignty, and liberty, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is uniquely positioned to lead the recalibration of the conservative movement back to its ideological roots and return the responsibility of conservative leadership back to the states.”

“TPPF leads amongst the conservative movement in the states because it understands the significant role that Texas plays in the fight to preserve freedom in this country, and it boldly engages the breadth of critical issues that impact our freedom with unwavering intellectual honesty,” said Warren. “To be given the privilege of sharing TPPF’s leadership via the States Trust campaign so that the conservative movement as a whole might benefit is the honor of a lifetime.”

Warren brings extensive state policy experience to this new role, having worked at the federal level and in multiple states, most extensively in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Prior to joining TPPF, Warren served in the U.S. Department of Justice, in the Solicitor General’s Office of the West Virginia Attorney General, and in private practice as a civil defense litigator.

The TPPF States Trust campaign’s initial expansion will include Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee, and involve partnering with conservative leaders on the ground and resourcing them with the necessary subject matter expertise to advance conservative, pro-freedom policies in these states.