The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF)’s Red River lawsuit is the focus of an article on Robert Henneke, General Counsel and Director of the Center for the American Future at TPPF, represents the plaintiffs in the case, which deals with the federal government’s unlawful attempt to take thousands of acres of Texas land from homeowners and ranchers along the Red River. According to the Bureau of Land Management, the land is inside the river and is therefore public land. However, the south bank of the river is about a mile north of where the government says it is.
“The Center for the American Future continues the fight on behalf of Texas landowners against the determined effort by unelected federal Bureau of Land Management agents to seize our Clients’ homes and private property, said Henneke. “We hope the new Administration will bring accountability to these out-of-control federal agencies. Until then, TPPF will continue to fight for the private property and Constitutional rights of our Clients and all affected landowners.”


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The Honorable Rob Henneke is the General Counsel and Director of the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin, Texas.

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