Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) Chip Roy, Director of the Tenth Amendment Center, appeared on CNN with Ana Cabrera to discuss repealing Obamacare. This interview continues TPPF’s effort to repeal Obamacare and support returning much of healthcare decision-making to the people and to the states.

“Obamacare is built on Medicaid expansion, subsidies, and regulations,” said Mr. Roy. “The offered Republican alternative maintains same regulations, driving up the cost of health care. The American people are clamoring for lower health care premiums and costs. We need to reduce regulations and increase competition in the market, allowing the free-market to drive down health care costs.”
See the full clip here: http://txpo.li/2oBMS5E

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Chip Roy is the director for the Center for Tenth Amendment Action at Texas Public Policy Foundation. 

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