AUSTIN, Texas – With passage today (Tuesday, April 26, 2005) of House Bill 1006, the Texas House of Representatives brings greater transparency to the property tax system and empowers taxpayers, the vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation said afterwards.

“This commonsense legislation brings more truth and openness to the property tax system by limiting the amount of new revenues local governments can take in simply by allowing appraisal values to creep up,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Sullivan said the House should be congratulated for overcoming the pressure placed on them by local officials trying to stop the legislation. HB1006 was authored by Rep. Carl Isett of Lubbock.

“The House voted in the interest of taxpayers over the forces seeking unchecked tax increases,” said Sullivan. “Governor Perry, Speaker Craddick and Rep. Isett demonstrated great leadership in bringing forward this needed reform.”

“Under this legislation, cities and counties would have to justify their need for more money by making the case to the people paying the bill.”

Sullivan noted that the work now moves to the Senate.

“Hopefully the Senate will likewise choose to support transparency in taxation.”