AUSTIN, Texas – With the crafting of a comprehensive education reform package, the Texas Legislature has ensured taxpayers, parents, teachers and children will see stronger, more efficient schools, according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s president, Brooke Rollins.

“This is the most comprehensive reform of education in two decades,” said Rollins. “By driving more money to the classroom, rewarding the best teachers and making school expenditures more transparent and efficient, every Texan benefits. The conference committee has done a remarkable job blending the House and Senate versions, now it is incumbent on the two bodies to ratify the work so the governor can sign it.”

The Foundation strongly pushed the “65 percent” rule that compels school districts to direct more funding – at least 65 percent – into the classroom. At the same time, the Foundation’s research has indicated too much spending in public education is obfuscated, and thus the reforms found in the conference committee’s House Bill 2 that make spending more transparent.

“This landmark legislation puts our schools in the right direction,” said Rollins. “The conference committee members, and particularly Senator Shapiro and Representative Grusendorf, as well as the Speaker, Lieutenant Governor and Governor all deserve recognition for thoughtfully designing a reform package that will actually improve our schools.”

Other important reforms cited by Rollins include focusing high schools on post-secondary readiness, end-of-course exams, and moving school board elections to the November general election ballot.

“For everyone who cares about educating children effectively and efficiently, the legislation coming before the House and Senate will improve our schools. Parents and taxpayers know this legislation marks a commitment to solid academic performance and demonstrable results.”