AUSTIN, Texas – Following a briefing at the Governor’s Mansion, the president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation said that taxpayers, not special interests, are being protected by the state’s leadership.

“Since 1978, the state budget has risen more than 600 percent, and has increased almost 125 percent in just the last decade. The taxpayers of Texas simply cannot afford that kind of exponential growth,” said Brooke Leslie Rollins.

“In tough economic times, government should look first for ways to cut costs and maximize efficiency so that taxpayers are protected – not soaked. I’m proud that Governor Perry and so many of our state’s leaders are doing just that. Finally, the taxpayer – instead of the status quo – is being represented in state government.”

Rollins pointed to research the Foundation has published over the years that details the importance of limiting government spending.

“Contrary to the demands of some, government simply cannot pay for everything, nor should it even try. As taxpayers, we must demand that government operate within its means by legislators setting clear spending priorities that are met with available revenue. Texas’ current budget problems stem from the simple fact that government for far too long has spent way too much.”

New taxes are not an option if the people of Texas hope to see the economy re-bound, added Rollins.

“Raising taxes will only further our economic problems and reduce the opportunities available to Texans struggling now to make a living. It is irresponsible for anyone to suggest that we should balance our books on the backs of Texas taxpayers. Research has consistently shown that higher taxes lead to higher poverty as jobs are lost and opportunities reduced.”