The Texas Public Policy Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with former Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Paul J. Ray. Ray brings unrivaled expertise and insights in the field of regulatory affairs. Ray will work with teams across TPPF to restore the proper relationship between the government and the people.  

TPPF Executive Director Kevin Roberts said, “Working with Paul Ray will put TPPF in the driver’s seat for defending Americans’ liberties and prosperity. We’re thrilled to work with him to restore government to its rightful place in American life.” 

“I’m excited to work with TPPF’s excellent team to carry on the critical work of regulatory reform,” Ray said. “Our goal is to renew opportunities for each American to engage in self-governance. TPPF has long been a leader on regulatory issues, especially with regard to fostering the healthy, robust communities that are at the heart of meaningful self-rule. I look forward to continuing that important work.”