The Texas Public Policy Foundation announced that Brooke L. Rollins, former White House Domestic Policy Advisor and past TPPF President, will be rejoining the foundation as Senior Advisor and on the Board of Directors. Kevin Roberts, who took the helm of TPPF after Rollins, has been elevated to Chief Executive Officer and will also be joining the Board of Directors. Greg Sindelar has been promoted to Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer.

After 15 years at the helm, Rollins left TPPF in 2018 to be an assistant to the president in the White House, directing the White House Office of American Innovation, Chief Strategist, and ultimately became Director of the Domestic Policy Council. She managed all domestic policy for the last administration, including health care, education, immigration, and opportunities for our most underserved communities. In her new role at TPPF, Rollins will advise on strategic direction.

Roberts, a historian and former professor and college president, has been with TPPF since 2016 overseeing its tremendous growth and influence in both Texas and national policy reforms. Sindelar is one of TPPF’s longest serving members, looking after the foundation’s fiscal health, developing its elite human resources, and becoming one of the country’s most sought-after leaders in the conservative movement.

“Brooke joined TPPF when it was just a handful of experts working on mostly educational issues and turned it into a tremendously influential player at the forefront of nearly every Texas and national policy issue,” said TPPF Chairman of the Board Tim Lyles. “While she would never take credit herself, Brooke was instrumental in many of the most successful initiatives of the past administration, including passing the First Step Act, eliminating government-imposed burdens on families, workers, and businesses, lowering prescription drug prices and putting patients first in our health care system, and fighting the scourge of human trafficking across our border. We are thrilled that she has come back home to Texas and will be helping to continue our efforts to grow TPPF here and throughout the country.”

“Brooke’s return could not come at a better time for Texas and TPPF,” said TPPF Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts. “Our state is leading the way on critical reforms to protect our freedom, democracy and prosperity, many of which Brooke promoted and implemented at the national level. Her experience, influence, relationships, and boundless energy are invaluable to TPPF succeeding in its core mission to keep Texas Texan. She is a tremendous asset to our movement and an even better personal friend and American patriot. We look forward to seeing all that she will bring alongside us once again in the cause of freedom.”

“It is a tremendous honor to be coming back to TPPF,” said Rollins. “Leading this great organization and redefining what a think tank can do is one of the greatest achievements of my life. I am so grateful to Tim, Kevin and Greg, and the entire TPPF family, for keeping the home fires burning while I was away. There is no organization having more impact on the future of our country and I can’t wait to once again be a part of this amazing team. Now more than ever, Texas must be aggressive in protecting our freedoms and pursuing prosperity for this and the next generation. The Texas Public Policy Foundation will be at the forefront of the fight that we can and must win.”