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Texas government spending has increased substantially faster than the growth in inflation and population since 2004, at a cost to Texans of $8 billion this year. That’s an additional $1200 burden on the average Texas family of four, just to fund state government.

The Texans for a Conservative Budget coalition was formed for precisely that reason: we can’t afford the consequences of more spending. 

State government collects more money than it needs to provide basic public necessities. That means less money for you and your family to save, pay bills, buy groceries, and fill-up the family van. If excess revenue this year funds an expansion of government, then higher taxes and spending cuts will be necessary during the next economic slowdown – which spells out an uncertain and turbulent financial future for you.

Margin taxes put at risk an entrepreneur’s dream to own a business. Higher sales taxes crowd out dollars that families can use to put food on the table. Higher taxes in any sphere reduce individual liberty and economic prosperity.

The simple truth is that there are more costs to taxes than the dollar amount itself: when money is in the hands of bureaucrats, it isn’t in your hands to buy a home, start a business, and follow your dreams.