Here are the next two panel recordings from last week’s Policy Orientation. Please note that the audio files are very large and should only be downloaded via a broadband connection.

* “Immigration & Citizenship: From the Founders’ Vision to the Front Lines” (Presenters: Dr. Edward Erler, Michael Flynn, Matt Mayer, Dr Pia Orrenius, John Trasvina. Moderator: Mary Katherine Stout.)

Immigration policy has become one of the hottest topics on talk radio, in the presidential race, in Congressional deliberations, and in state houses around the country. This panel of experts brings different perspectives to the discussion of immigration and citizenship, including the Founders’ philosophy on citizenship, immigration policy as it overlaps with national security, and the economics of immigration.

* “Bilingual Education vs. English Immersion” (Presenters: Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, Kathleen Leos, Dr. Christine Rossell, John Trasvina. Moderator: Brooke Dollens Terry.)

As Texas’ Hispanic community continues to grow, state policymakers need a sound policy for how to best teach English to students. This panel will explore whether bilingual education or English immersion is the best way to ensure student achievement.