Here are the next two panel recordings from last week’s Policy Orientation. Please note that the audio files are very large and should only be downloaded via a broadband connection.

* “The Texas Health Insurance Market: Balancing Consumer Choice and Regulation While Expanding Coverage” (Presenters: Rep. Larry Taylor, Jennifer Ahrens, J.P. Wieske. Moderator: The Honorable Arlene Wohlgemuth.)

From mandates on health insurance coverage to rate bands that govern the price of insurance, state legislatures and state insurance regulators wield considerable power in the marketplace. What is the impact of government regulation on health insurance and what does it mean for affordability and accessibility of coverage? This panel will examine Texas’ health insurance regulations and compare them with other states, as well as explore past efforts to reduce regulations, consider the proper role of regulators, and discuss options to expand access and improve affordability of health insurance.

* “Health Care Delivery in Texas: Expanding Competition and Innovation or Compromising Patient Care?” (Presenters: Rep. Dianne White Delisi, John Graham, John Hawkins, Dr. David Hyman. Moderator: Mary Katherine Stout.)

Do federal and state regulations on the practice of medicine and the business of health care protect patients and consumers, or hurt innovation and competition in the marketplace? Issues surrounding specialty hospitals and physician-owned facilities, scope of practice battles between providers, and the emergence of retail clinics in health care delivery continue to be debated in Washington and in Austin. Panelists representing the provider community, along with legal experts and policymakers, will explore these and other issues related to the changing face of health care delivery.