“I’m Patrick Murrow and I own a small business in Houston called Structure Roof & Wall Solutions. It is a struggle just staying on top of all the business details because there’s way always more to do than then there’s time to do it all. I’ve hired a lot of employees in the past three years so that’s helped take a big burden off of me. But there’s always the struggle of finding and keeping good help. I think that’s where the health care comes in because it’s a big perk that people are looking for.

“I first heard about direct primary care when I was listening to a conservative talk radio show years ago. We knew it was the solution for us, so we signed up with First Primary. In fact, it’s so good we actually pitch direct primary care in interviews now. We tell them, “Not only do we have health care, we have something better than health care. You can text your doctor at nine o’clock at night.” That’s a big deal for people! And they’re floored when we tell them more about it. I mean, they’ve never heard of anything like this – real health CARE, not just insurance.

“The change to this Direct Primary Care has been a big deal for my family. When you’re self-employed, your options for health care are pretty slim and very expensive. We had an insurance policy before, but it was pretty much useless. This has completely changed the dynamic — the relationship — between my family and our doctor.

We pay a little bit more than we were with insurance but what we’re getting is completely different. It’s like comparing a Chevy to a Rolls-Royce. That was insurance, this is health care.

“In the past, I wouldn’t go to the doctor unless I was on death’s door because it was such a hassle. About a month before we signed up with First Primary, I had a heat exhaustion episode that caused me to spend the night in the hospital. We received a bill for $10,000 for roughly 12 hours in the hospital. We had to fight and bicker constantly with the insurance companies. In fact, my wife is still dealing with it almost a year later. Obviously, we wouldn’t have that issue now.”