Compared to the majority of states, Texas is behind in edu- cational opportunity. Twenty-nine state legislatures and Congress (for the District of Columbia) have established some form of pri- vate school choice. Texas has none. Every Texas child should beafforded the opportunity to select the educational options whichbest suit his or her individual needs.

Though many students in Texas are served well by the public school system, other students need alternative solutions. Over 1,300 (1 in 8) schools in Texas, attended by approximately 800,000 students, are currently categorized as Public Education Grants (PEG) schools, which are schools failing in some or all catego- ries. Over 140,000 students are on waiting lists for high-quality charter schools, indicating unmet demand for better options. A federal investigation recently revealed that special needs students in Texas are being underserved, and the state is searching for ways to meet those students’ needs.