In an age where the political left is pushing shamelessly for all mail-in ballots, protecting election integrity is paramount. 


I agree that:

  • We must ensure the integrity of one of our most essential rights as citizens—voting in free and fair elections.
  • I will be an informed and aware voter.
  • A rush to expand vote by mail, besides potentially violating Texas law, does not solve the turnout issue but exacerbates it.
  • I will report fraud or suspicious activity to the Sec. State and AG, or County Clerk.
  • We can keep vulnerable Texans safe while preserving our system of one vote, one Texan.
  • All voters for all offices should be United States citizens and officials should require proof of citizenship at voter registration as well as the polls.
  • The Texas Secretary of State should perform a full audit of all county voter-registration lists every five years.
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