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The Right Idea: The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s weekly look at the people, policy, and politics that drive Texas. Available on Spotify, Apple and YouTube.

The Hard Country: Joshua Treviño and Melissa Ford of the Texas Public Policy Foundation discuss past, present and future ideas for a prosperous Texas and America. Available on Spotify, Apple and Youtube.

Brian’s Breakdown: TPPF’s Brian Phillips and his guests get right to the heart of the tough questions, important debates, and critical answers to help you understand what it’s all about. Available on Spotify and Apple

Policymakers with Greg Sindelar: TPPF’s CEO Greg Sindelar sits down with today’s leading policymakers to learn about their backgrounds and foundational beliefs that drive them in shaping the laws that will shape our great land. Available on Spotify, and YouTube.

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The Layout: Our series where we ask legislators to come down to TPPF to discuss their pieces of legislation making their way through the Capitol. Available on YouTube.

Quick Takes: TPPF gives you a quick breakdown about the top news stories of the day. Available on YouTube.

Here in Texas: Keep up to date on the different issues and stories in the Lone Star State. Available on YouTube.