Texas Comptroller Susan Combs unveiled a new website last week billed as an “online resource for Texas economic data, news and analysis.” The website in question, www.TheTexasEconomy.org, is designed to help “Texas residents, business owners and policymakers connect with economic data in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand format.”

The site allows users to browse through a variety of economic reports and articles pertaining to Texas’ public policies and future growth. In addition, the site reports historical and recent data on various key economic indicators such as the consumer price index, unemployment rate, and gasoline retail prices.

The hope is that this site will serve as an educational tool, while at the same time providing a more transparent medium through which users can track the economic performance of the state over time. It also provides information regarding “business and industry, education and training, people and places, natural resources, health care, and revenue and spending.” In other words, the site strives to become a one-stop-shop when it comes to Texas’ markets and prosperity.

-Robert McDowall