Texans of every ideological persuasion want legislators to rein in local governments’ ability to raise property taxes, according to the latest poll from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune.

According to the poll’s results, which are based on an “internet survey of 1,200 registered voters [that] was conducted from June 2 to June 11”, approximately 77 percent of those responding either strongly or somewhat support a move by the legislature to limit how fast property taxes can grow. Only 14 percent of those surveyed strongly or somewhat opposed this move, while 8 percent didn’t know.

Interestingly, the crosstabs further reveal just how widespread public support is for such legislative action. Even among those who self-identify as liberal or moderate, strong or somewhat strong support for property tax reform is clearly evident.

Source: Crosstabs for Statewide Survey Conducted by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune

With the public clearly in favor of reform, the only question now is: Are lawmakers ready to enact real reform?