The greatest bulwark that America has against authoritarianism is its Constitution. Yet, it is under attack. One of the best ways to defend the Constitution is knowledge—not simply knowledge of what the Constitution does, but knowledge of why: why the Constitution was written, why it protects the freedoms it protects, and why it’s so effective at curtailing the excesses of human nature.

TPPF’s Austin Prochko is working to help spread that knowledge with his book Foundations of Freedom: The Layman’s Guide to the Philosophy of the American Founding. Written in an approachable manner and drawn from years of experience in both teaching and studying the American Founding, Foundations of Freedom is a quick read that establishes that necessary basis of knowledge for the philosophy of the Founding.

Join us as TPPF’s Chief National Initiatives Officer Chuck DeVore moderates a discussion with Austin on the principles behind the American Founding, the importance of the Constitution in this day and age, and the reasons behind the writing of his book.


  • The Honorable Chuck DeVore (Moderator) – Chief National Initiatives Officer, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Austin Prochko (Guest) – Project Manager & Deputy Campaign Director, Next Generation Texas, Texas Public Policy Foundation; Author, Foundations of Freedom: The Layman’s Guide to the Philosophy of the American Founding