Brian Phillips and Andrew Brown are joined by Texas House District 68 Representative David Spiller to discuss a variety of topics ranging from national presidential politics to local schools and our southern border.

0:54 Hot Takes: Caitlin-Gate – Dirty play or “Welcome to the league, Rook!”?
4:28 Political fallout after the Trump verdict
12:06 A house divided? 50% agree with Trump decision, 49% disagree
13:17 Biden’s Border Executive Order
20:55 Texas Border Security – What more can be done at the state level?
24:13 School Choice – post election analysis
34:34 Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
41:35 Survey Says: Should state governments financially subsidize local news outlets?
45:08 Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: Local Government Debt – 40% is local SCHOOL DEBT!
49:13 What to watch for: Trump’s poll numbers post-conviction

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