Brian and Derek sit down with Texas-based political consultant Tyler Norris and TPPF’s Distinguished Senior Fellow Sherry Sylvester to discuss the aftermath of the May 2024 Texas runoff election results.

0:50 Hot Takes: The Trial of the Century!
4:25 Initial reactions to May 2024 Runoff Election Results
4:44 Big Winner: School Choice
8:14 The New Politics: Are we more conservative or is it just a food fight?
17:20 Phase Two of Parent Empowerment
24:35 Property Tax Reform, School Safety and D.E.I.
27:55 New Issues to look forward to in 2025
30:35 Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
33:28 New Issue for Democrats to Fight?
40:21 Survey Says: During the pandemic, how much information released by the federal government was intentionally false and misleading?
44:40: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: TEA’s Mike Morath: Less than 20% of K-5 reading material is on grade level in Texas
50:37 What To Watch For: Dominos falling after Trump verdict
51:27 Dallas Professional Sports

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