Episode 50! Brian and Derek sit down with Jonathan Pidluzny, the Director of the Higher Education Reform Initiative at America First Policy Institute, to discuss the current status and influence of DEI on our college and university campuses and much more.

0:34 Hot Takes: Will the Cowboys and/or Texans eclipse 10 wins in 2024?
8:26 Special guest: Jonathan Pidluzny of the America First Policy Institute
9:05 Jonathan’s overall take on Texas’ response to DEI on college campuses
10:09 The overarching aims of DEI administrators
10:58 Texas as compared to other states with different approaches to DEI in education
13:27 The pervasiveness of DEI… even in Texas
15:16 What’s next to do?
16:58 What’s next for the Texas Legislature to do?
19:06 DEI’s relationship to Pro-Palestine protests
22:00 Outside groups and their influence on collegians
25:00 Overall instability as an objective
28:15 What’s the overall response & compliance levels to Texas and other states’ laws regarding DEI?
30:41 What does the public think about special programs for “marginalized people”?
35:50 Is college still worth it?
38:10 Are tribal politics interfering with what colleges and universities should be doing?
39:40 SURVEY SAYS! Polling data in the news: Immigration
45:19 LIES, DAMN LIES & STATISTICS: Relevant research: Educational spending in Texas
51:20 WHAT’RE YOU WATCHING? How will Texas grid do this summer?

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