Brian and Derek have the pleasure of sitting down with author, podcast host and founder of the Bahnsen Group, David Bahnsen, to discuss millennials’ attitudes towards work and retirement, the myth of “work/life balance,” the truth behind ESG investing, and much more.

0:23 Hot Take: Willie Nelson taking his Fourth of July Picnic to Jersey?
3:14 Overview of David’s new book: “Full Time: Work and the Meaning of Life”
4:03 The Myth of “work/life balance”
7:45 The importance of faith and work… and how God created us to work
10:45 The connection of work and life’s purpose
11:50 The too-typical millennial mindset towards retirement
14:45 “The New Right” and their Marxist attitudes towards work
18:50 State intervention on the labor force (including minimum wage)
23:40 Trends towards or away from family growth and development vs. career growth and development
27:00 ESG investing
33:30 Are activists intentionally trying to take down Texas oil companies?
35:44 Texas’ Permanent School Fund recently divested $8.5 billion from BlackRock over ESG investing
38:52 What can the average person do?

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