Brian and Derek have the pleasure of sitting down with Jacob Howland, the Provost and Dean of Intellectual Foundations at University of Austin to discuss the need for an entirely new type of university in response to young Americans turning away from higher education… and for good reasons.

3:55 Jacob Howland’s victory lap for UATX
6:40 The Left’s argument against higher learning like University of Austin
8:00 What sets UATX’s curriculum apart from most other universities?
13:40 What kind of faculty and students is UATX looking for, and how do they find them?
19:35 The problem with faculty and administrators at most American universities
25:14 UATX is the only university in the U.S. with a Constitution
32:50 How can UATX escape wokeness but maintain funding?
35:55 UATX location – navigating East 6th & West 6th
38:28 How will UATX face Austin’s predictable onslaught of protests?
39:55 How is the Left likely to respond to conservative universities?
42:15 Will other places of higher learning be positively influenced by UATX?
43:45 How does UATX respond to the public’s primary concerns: Cost, Quality of Education and Ideology of the University?

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