Brian and Derek are joined by this week’s special guest, TPPF’s Chief of Intelligence & Research and Director for Texas Identity, Joshua Treviño for a lively discussion regarding the current status of the crisis along our southern border and beyond, as well as predictions for what 2024 might have in store for Texas.

3:00 Derek’s Interim Update
8:45 Overview of current Texas – Mexico relationship
11:40 Explosion – even INVASION of illegals crossing our southern border
17:55 Border crisis affecting “sanctuary cities”
20:40 Biden Administration Sues Texas to Stop Enforcement of State Law Criminalizing Illegal Immigration
22:05 TPPF Predicted it: The Feds Just Messed With Texas Over Buoys — And Sided With Cartel-Driven Mexico
22:45 Biden is asking for Mexican help to stop the record surge of migrants. Here’s what Mexico wants in return.
27:25 Universal opinion on securing the border from law enforcement… so why isn’t it happening?
30:55 If a Republican takes the White House, what changes can be made immediately?
36:00 Predictions for 2024 – Biggest issues for GOP/Dems this election year?
40:40 GOP and Dem presidential nominee? Winner?
43:15 Super Bowl?

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